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About the company
The enterprise works already more than ten years. For today we have seriously recommended ourselves in the market. We possess the licenses necessary for work in our branch: the license of the Russian sea Register and the license of the Register of navigation of Ukraine. Actually, under the agreement on a mutual recognition, it means an opportunity of work under any classification society in the world. In structure of our collective engineers - ship builders, architects, designers, experts on меtallic construction, woodworking industry and to the ship equipment.
The structure of corporation includes company " Оceanprojectstroy " - design office where the image of the future vessel, and company " Elements - Оceanmash " ripens and show up on a paper, the shipbuilders embodying during a life all ideas and development of KB. Our shipyard includes floating workshop (it is a small ship-building factory, with all branches inherent in such manufacture) besides ground warehouses, slipway, shops and a platform for rise. The greatest self-propelled converted a vessel displacement 180 tone, non-selfpropelled 1300 tone.
We build court from a portrayal of the plan before trial runs and delivery to the owner of keys and documents. Technologies used by us and materials correspond to the high quality world standards. At us the adjusted relations both in the market of building materials, and in sphere of shipbuilding. The ship equipment can be established as domestic, and from the best foreign manufacturers. Besides various passenger objects, we build also cargo, fishery, tankers and court of technical fleet.
Important question: "how many it costs and how will quickly be embodied?" All constructions submitted on a site not cheap. Measure up the certain degree of quality, our organization does not make objects by a principle "to paint and throw out". Landing-stage, in a spectrum submitted here, will cost for the owner within the limits of 700 000...1 500 000$, a motor yacht - from 100 000 up to 500 000$. These prices though and it is much less than what are offered for similar foreign production, demand from our customers of serious planning means. In it we help them, right at the beginning of teamwork making plans - schedules, is evident illustration both promotion of works, and their necessary financing. Depending on a degree of complexity our construction proceeds from three months about one year. Last point of each our plan - schedule refers to "a solemn banquet concerning delivery of a vessel".

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